Social Marketing Platform


Our Social Media Marketing Platform enables any brand to push their messaging through our experiential, engagement-based process.


Our platform allows an advertiser to update promotional elements and campaigns across their entire fleet of kiosks or from a narrowed regional perspective. For illustration purposes; a chain of sports bars could immediately change all systems to celebrate the World Series winning team, the second the game has ended.


Clients have access to promotion, system & company-based analytics such as: Photos Taken/Shared and social posts to Facebook and Twitter. But we don’t stop there… we fetch and display deeper analytics such as the number of resulting Facebook/Twitter likes, comments, retweets and even impressions on the custom Branded Landing Page with the ever important, click-thrus to the promotional website.


This fun and “in the moment” photo opportunity can easily be shared in a manner that carries a brand or content with it in a way that no other marketing campaign can match.  We refer to it as Endorsement Based Marketing.  Not only will your endorsed message be associated with an existing consumer, but in real-time, and in a colorful manner that leaps out from the pages of modern day electronic devices.  It is the true power of our Social Media Marketing Platform!

Content & Graphic Control

Web-based control of all assets for each promotion!

Users manage a combined set of graphics and social/sharing content bundled into an active promotion.  You are always in the know when it comes to the experience and content your guests are presented with.  Overwhelmed with your day-to-day duties, ask us about our in-house promotion management options!

Promotion items that are fed to the Social Flash KIOSK or MOBILE iPad app can include; Photo Frame(s), Survey Questions, Kiosk Screen Graphics, available Sharing Mechanisms, Gateway “focus” Options, Branded Landing Page Layout and Content, URL Links and the ever important Social Media content.  Add a hashtag, handle, link or any other piece of content that is important to your branding or messaging.  We will facilitate the delivery!


See your results in real time!

Every transaction in the engagement process is tracked and reported.  Admins can generate reports to view individual promotions, groups of kiosks, or entire company wide analytics.  Some of the metrics we track and report include; Branded Photos Captured On-site, Photos shared to Email/SMS, Survey Questions/Answers, Video/Trailer views with thresholds, Landing Page visits, Email Newsletter Opt-ins, Photos Shared to Facebook & Twitter, Likes/Comments on Social, Static and Animated Ad clicks, Client Website Click-thrus, Facebook Link Clicks, and Facebook Fan Page “likes”.


Know exactly who you reach!

Understanding who is interacting with our interactive kiosks on a promotion, location, or regional basis gives power to our clients to tweak their promotions or to pin point a proper sponsor or advertiser.

The type of demographics we report can include the following; Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Education Level, and Children in Household.  Buying and spending habits include shopping interests within categories such as Automotive, Packaged Goods, Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Restaurants, Travel and much more.  Want to know if Nissan or Lexus would be a better fit for advertising on your network of interactive kiosks, we can tell you!  Media Interests, Business and Occupation categories all combine to lay out a very detailed picture of who you are reaching with the platform.

CASE STUDIES & Success Stories

We love that our platform speaks for itself. Here are a few Case Studies and success stories to help understand what we have done for other customers within a variety of industries.