An escape room photo marketing tool that captures a great social experience and leads to social media engagement.

Escape Rooms want to highlight the remarkable experience its customers are having and have them tell others. A group photo at the end of the adventure is a great way to achieve this. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using the Social Flash MOBILE solution as your Escape Room Photo Marketing tool.  You can have a number of themes or campaigns related to the various room themes at your venue, and use these to brand your photos.  Once you take the photos, you can instantly share them to the customers mobile phones, the real magic begins.

Customers receive the photos and have the option to, with a single push of a button, share them on Facebook or Twitter. Their postings, executed by the Social Flash Media marketing platform, are “smart posts” which have links back to the venue’s webpage. New prospective customers can book a reservation, learn more about your venue, or check your reviews.

Social Flash Media’s powerful analytics tools monitor all of your social engagement — tweets, shares, re-shares, comments, likes and click-thru activity so you can see how effective your earned social media is at influencing and attracting new customers to your Escape Room.


Branded Group Photo