Sports lovers are on-the-go types that live in the moment.  Make it a point to catch them in that moment where they will undoubtedly share the experience with like minded friends.  Sporting events and sporting products are seasonal and the capture period is critical; our realtime marketing takes this matter to a new level.  Dive in and discover why we are quickly expanding into the world of sports fans with our sports Social Media Marketing Platform.

Why does Sports Social Media Marketing work and what photo Capture Points are most effective in this environment?

The sporting venues are unique for us as they benefit by utilizing both capture points for our social marketing platform, the Social Flash KIOSK and the Social Flash MOBILE.  Fans love the self-operated interactive KIOSK and we see tremendous success with brand ambassadors filtering through the crowd with our MOBILE iPad solution capturing families enjoying their experience.  It gives them an unexpected, branded memento to share with their social network.  It facilitates a “look at us having a blast, don’t you wish you were here too!” endorsement of the sports team, driving traffic to tickets specials and schedule pages.

Check out our Frisco Rough Riders Baseball Venue Case Study HERE.


Social Flash Media has been a tremendous partner and delivered an amazing solution...

Laura Fragoso - Round Rock Express Senior Vice President, Marketing

“The Round Rock Express marketing team was looking for a way to connect with our loyal fans that would provide a commemorative keepsake.  We also wanted to give our fans a way to share their experience at our ballpark within social circles.  Social Flash Media has been a tremendous partner and delivered an amazing solution.  To our fans, the Social Flash KIOSK was an immediate hit.  Our fans began to take photos and share their experience immediately to their social network of friends.  The photos taken were high-quality and branded with our logo.

For each game, hundreds of photos were taken and sent to our fans for free.  Those fans shared many of them on Facebook and Twitter.  These shared photos made their way out to tens of thousands of their friends, and almost 15,000 people comment on or liked the photos on Facebook.  We feel this has raised our awareness in the community tremendously.

We have since used the Social Flash MOBILE version on iPads.  This lets us get up close and personal to the families and friends in our stadium and capture.  This mobility has allowed the Express to capture the true essence of going to a Minor League ballgame.

The service we have received has been stellar and far exceeded our initial expectations.  The technology behind the Social Flash Media platform is genius.  It takes care of all the complex stuff and so easy to use.  We have found a marketing tool that can instantly change to any of our themed promotion games such as Star Wars Night, Fauxback Weekend or Princess Night.  Now via Social Media we can reach out to tens of thousands of prospective new fans in the area and promote future attractions to existing and new fans.  The Social Flash Media platform has been a game changer for us.  I think that every sports franchise and complex is missing the ball if they don’t consider Social Flash Media.”