Our stand along Interactive Social Flash KIOSK embodies the heart of the movie theater social media marketing experience. 

Our proven ability to attract droves of enthusiastic movie-goers has resulted in staggering trailer previews, web site traffic, co-branding success and most importantly, a great experience that consumers can immediately share with their friends in a manner that effectively promotes your brand, featured films and food menu.  We commonly hear that our Movie Theater Social Media Marketing solution is the best money spent by our clients’ marketing departments.

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We've given our brand a life outside of our four walls...

Amy Dial - Moviehouse & Eatery Marketing Director

“We could have never anticipated the success that partnering with SFM would be for our brand.  Through this system we have been able to touch our guests outside of the building, and also get in front of their friends and family, many of which have never heard of us before engaging us via SFM.  We’ve given our brand a life outside of our four walls by utilizing SFM’s fun, innovative and EASY method for guests at our moviehouses to do the work of spreading the word about our brand for us.  Guests love to get in front of the camera, see how fantastic their pictures look (and they do look great), and are eager to share them online.  That part has been a huge success.  But what happens after that has been just amazing!  Once those images are online, people quickly start engaging with our brand by simply engaging their own friends and family.  They’re taking notice of their great pictures and the next thing you know, we have clicks to our website and social media sites that we would have never been able to get using our usual targeting methods.   The numbers have been staggering.  When we started to see the potential of these systems, we also started to see where we could leverage them even further.  We added a newsletter opt-in option that is showing great returns.  We have played around with props and campaigns that are showing us that guests want to engage with our brand and the more fun it is, the more they want to get involved.  And the systems are mindlessly easy to use.  No matter the age or technical awareness, nobody has a problem figuring out how to use the system, and it only takes a minute!

As a marketing director one of the most valuable parts of our relationship is SFM’s ability to give me reporting that shows exactly how well these systems are working for us.  Unlike so many other marketing avenues, we can see how effective our campaigns are and refine them as needed to make them even more potent.   The campaign management system is easy to use and updates in real time.  We can make a decision to change a campaign on a Friday afternoon before we get busy and by the time the rush starts, we’re already running fresh content.  The very few technical issues we have had have been dealt with in literal minutes and often time, before we are even aware of them.

In a very short amount of time we have seen tremendous return on investment from SFM and look forward to what we can do in 2016.”


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