Movie Theater Case Study

Movie Theater Case Study

Social Photo Booth Case Study

Moviehouse and Eatery (M&E) Lobby, Austin, Texas  |   May 2015


Social Flash Media (SFM) engaged in a case study with Moviehouse & Eatery Austin (M&E) and it’s customers to evaluate the effectiveness of a SFM Free Range social photo system.  This thirty day case study was set to realize any benefit from an increase in overall branding, on-site engagement, and Endorsement Based Marketing (EBM).

The Challenge

Moviehouse and Eatery strives to “Make Movies Better” through creating the best movie-going experience in Austin, and any other geographical market they enter.  From the wall-to-wall screen and plush recliners that allow you to kick back and relax to the full-service kitchen and bar with a chef-prepared menu, it is all about the guests’ experience at Moviehouse & Eatery.  The main challenge they face is how to build a social media presence that can harness their existing clients’ experience and leverage the engagement to further their overall marketing efforts.

The Solution

In May of 2015 M&E engaged Social Flash Media, a local Austin, Texas company with the perfect solution to dramatically improve their social presence by way of their existing clientele.  Social Flash Media (SFM) has created the first unattended marketing social photo station powering a diverse social marketing pipeline.  SFM’s solution is simple to use, setup and ever changing campaigns can be managed remotely, removing the burden to the staff and management on the ground level.  The Free Range Photo Station allows patrons to take and share photos at their leisure and expand engagement via Facebook, Twitter, MMS/Text and email.  

The Results

“For every 8 photos taken, there was a Facebook URL ad click-thru to the M&E website”

This is a very impressive figure as can be seen as driving new traffic to a website is often most difficult.  The most impressive data is that the average SFM driven web traffic remained on the M&E website a staggering…


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