Brewery Social Media Awareness Case Study

Brewery Social Media Awareness Case Study

Brewery Social Awareness Case Study
Oasis Texas Brewing Company, Austin, Texas  |   May 2017

Social Flash Media (SFM) engaged in a case study with Oasis Texas Brewing Company (OTXBC) to evaluate the effectiveness of Social Flash RANGE Kiosk and tethered social marketing platform to raise customer awareness and drive traffic to their website and Facebook Events page.  This 2-month case study was established to realize any benefit from an increase in overall awareness, on-site customer engagement, and direct actions with the brand.

The Challenge

Oasis Texas Brewing Company brought a unique challenge to us for this study.  They are located along the shores of Lake Travis, perched on a hilltop overlooking one of the most recognized Austin views.  This, in itself, was not the challenge… but rather to stand apart from the iconic Oasis Restaurant less than 100 meters away.  The Oasis Restaurant has a very established perception and following which makes this more difficult.  Both venues offer drinks, food and an amazing view of the Texas Hill Country sunset over Lake Travis.  The main challenge they faced is how to separate the Oasis Brewing experience from the better known Oasis Restaurant option.  After all, raising awareness of their taproom not only results in an immediate increase in revenue, but also an overall awareness and following of their beers and brand for the larger distribution goals.

The Solution

In late May of 2017 OTXBC engaged Social Flash Media, a local Austin, Texas company with a social media and customer engagement solution to dramatically improve their social presence by way of their existing clientele.  The onsite guest experience begins with the interactive social photo kiosk that drives content to the powerful social marketing platform developed by Social Flash Media.  The unattended Social Flash RANGE Kiosk is simple to use with updatable, on-the-fly promotions that are managed remotely, removing the burden to the staff and management on the ground level.  The RANGE allows patrons to take and share photos at their leisure, expanding awareness via social media platforms such as Facebook & Twitter.  OTXBC is able to control their messaging by leveraging each voluntarily shared photo experience that is organically tied to predetermined content.  These photos and client content are virally spread by the patrons’ social networks due to the power of Influencer Marketing, the backbone of the SFM platform.

The Objectives

SFM and OTXBC went into the study with 5 primary objectives:

  1. Assess the general viability and acceptance of a photo sharing kiosk in a micro-brewery taproom environment.
  2. Drive clicks to the OTXBC website and Facebook Fan page to increase awareness of concerts and special events.
  3. Increase social media engagement with the OTXBC brand by facilitating a sharable experience.
  4. Gather management feedback on customer engagement process.
  5. Gauge the effectiveness of a granular promotion, enabling defined marketing to customers based on what brought them to the taproom that day.

The Results…


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