A perfect social experience to capture for engagement based marketing!

People gather in a friendly atmosphere where they can unleash their creative spirits with a painting, wood work or craft project. Combine friends and some wine and it’s the perfect combination for a fun night out.

Capturing these social experiences – the interaction of the patrons, the guidance of the instructor and the emergence of the personal master pieces create endless photographic moments that can be captured by Social Flash MOBILE, the iPad/iPhone based product used in studios around the country.

Many of the venues are owned and operated by a franchisee. The owners want to highlight the remarkable experience its customers are having and have them tell others. One of the most effective ways to do this is by using the Social Flash MOBILE solution.

By taking photos of the patrons and their creative works, branding those photos and sending them to the customers mobile phones, the real magic begins.

Customers receive the photos and have the option to, with a single push of a button, share them on Facebook or Twitter. Their postings, executed by the Social Flash Media platform, are “smart posts” which have links back to the venue’s webpage.

Below in the infographic, you can see how the engagement flows. In the example, and arts venue took on average about 16 photos every day for the month, which translated to slightly over 500 photos and sent copies out to their patrons. Almost 100 of those photos were shared on Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook posts created more than 1,800 social engagements (likes, shares and comments) and more than 4,600 brand engagements with current and prospective patrons. More than 1,500 people clicked over to the venue’s webpage to learn more about the business and look at upcoming classes. The cost of this social success was less than 10% of the cost it would take in Facebook advertising and boosts.

The main ingredient of the success is leveraging the personal social network of its patrons. On average, a Facebook user has 338 friends. Mail more than 600 photos out to more than 250 patrons and you have, at minimum, have the potential to reach 85,000 Facebook users. If their friends engage by liking, commenting or sharing these photos, it virally expands out to potentially hundreds of thousands of users. This is substantially more meaningful way to reach lots of prospective patrons instead of just sharing among a few hundreds of the venue’s followers.



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