Connecting to your community members is more important than ever. Capturing the experiences of your congregation and sharing them can be the most effective church social media outreach strategy at your disposal. Social Flash Mobile provides technology to make this easy and extremely powerful.

Why does church Social Media Outreach work and what solutions are most effective for Faith-Based organizations?

Faith-based marketing efforts benefit by utilizing both capture points for our social marketing platform, the Social Flash KIOSK and the Social Flash MOBILE.  If stand-alone operation and a high quality photo are what you are looking for, the self-operated interactive kiosk options, the Social Flash RANGE or more budget friendly Social Flash BANTAM, may be your best choice.  For those on a budget and have plenty of volunteers to operate a photo opportunity on special days, our Social Flash MOBILE iPad app offers a turn-key process to take and allow your guests to share on the spot.  Both capture points feed into our web-based admin system that carries key social media content and links with the photos.  When guests socially share their photos from the branded landing page they receive, your messaging and links are integrated.  

Church Social Media Outreach Solution

Follow this up with in-depth analytics reports to track the viral spread of your efforts and you have an eco-system that can be changed up to compliment your current and upcoming events and series.  Ultimately, the “Endorsement” that the branded photos on social media create, facilitates a “this is where I go to worship and here are the reasons why you should too!” 

Occasions that are perfect for implementing the use of the Social Flash MOBILE or either kiosk solution include:

  • Ministry Event
  • Concerts
  • Summits
  • Conferences
  • Youth Ministry Gatherings
  • Family Nights
  • Fathers Day Services
  • Mothers Day Service
  • Workshops
  • Picnics
  • Community Service
  • Easter Services and Egg Hunts
  • Social Outings
  • Charity Fund Raisers
  • Annual Harvest Festivals
  • Youth Camps
  • Baptisms

Our interactive Social Flash KIOSKs were used at the 2016 Purpose Driven Conference at Saddleback Church as well as the 2017 C3 Conference at Fellowship Church.