Capture Points


Our Capture Points are the beginning of the guest experience for an event or in-store location. Whether using the stand-alone interactive Social Flash KIOSK, or the Social Flash MOBILE, an iPad solution for those on-the-go activations with a brand ambassador or street team, our powerful marketing platform will help you expand your reach.

Our interactive Social Flash KIOSK captures a tangible interaction with customers. Built to be completely unmanned and very intuitive in nature. When you want to create awareness of your brand in a memorable, affordable way, we bring customers and their social networks closer to your product and message than ever before.


High quality and flattering photos get shared more!  The interactive kiosk uses a professional flash and DSLR camera to give the guests a quality experience from the start.


If your campaign requires moving the kiosk around from time to time, don’t worry, this was thought out by our engineering team.  Small enough to move easily, but large enough for the presence your brand deserves.


Set it up and walk away in confidence.  The Social Flash KIOSK is designed to be stand alone, reducing need for additional staffing and guest interaction.  Intuitive in nature, it is always ready for photos!



Each kiosk on your account communicates with our cloud-based servers to know exactly what to do.  Build and assign promotions to your Kiosk and let the guests spread your brand!


Plenty of real estate to custom brand the interactive experience for your guests.  Head to toe wraps on both sides are easy to install and change out as the need arises.  Front and back screens also add visible splashes of your logo or product for the guests throughout the taking and sharing process.


Let’s face it, we all love to get our photos taken by a machine!  The Social Flash KIOSK carries on this entertainment with automated countdowns and a true “guest facing” automated experience.

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The Social Flash MOBILE allows you to travel to your customers. iPad based and operator driven, it captures a different set of content and guest experience than our interactive KIOSK. Photos captured with the roaming Social Flash MOBILE are presented to guests via the same robust marketing platform with the in-depth analytics that put Social Flash Media on the map.


When you need to go to your guests, Social Flash MOBILE is the solution!

While the KIOSK allows your customers to create their own experience, Social Flash MOBILE lets you take the experience to your customers.  Without requiring any floor space, your company representatives drive the same high-quality social media engagement using an iPad.

Different from the Kiosk in so many ways… the MOBILE iPad app is a great capture point for our powerful marketing platform.


The brand ambassador can select the right photo frame to fit the occasion.  As each uniquely framed photo is shared to social media, the messaging and content changes along with the photo.  On-the-fly customization of your marketing content helps to personalize the experience and ROI.  Know your audience!


Driven by your representative, the process of capture is made to be simple, fast and efficient.  You can go from login to sharing photos in only five clicks!

Since many companies leverage agency representatives for special events, the app was designed for use with at most a 30 second orientation.


Managing 1,000 iPads and/or Kiosks is as easy as managing 1 with our web-based content management system.  This allows for highly scalable social media marketing with consistent messaging.

Photos and Analytics are immediately available to provide rapid feedback for your marketing programs.

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We prefer our systems and platform to speak for themselves. Here are a few Case Studies to help understand what we have done for others.