Brewery and Distillery Social Media Marketing results with captivating Customer Engagement!

Social buzz is half the battle for an emerging brewery or distillery.  Patrons love the opportunity to share with their family and friends that they have found the hand-crafted masterpiece they have been searching for.  Our stand alone Social Flash RANGE & BANTAM Kiosks are the perfect solutions for an in-house brewery and distillery social media marketing tool!

brewery and distillery social media marketing

Photo Marketing that really works for breweries and distilleries…

Our Social Flash RANGE kiosk or the new, more budget friendly Social Flash BANTAM Kiosk can be easily installed, providing an instant stand alone “photobooth” experience to draw in the guests.  The engagements spread like wildfire as they take photo on one side of the kiosk and share on the other.  It is very interactive and intuitive in nature.

Guests receive their shares immediately to their smart phone.  The branded landing page experience allows for your custom messaging to be seen.  They can easily share their photos and experience with their social media network which results in thousands of brand engagements through the journey.  Watch the metrics stack up in real time!



Check out our Brewery Case Study with Oasis Texas Brewing Company in Austin, TX.

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