Beer & Beverage Distributors Social Media Marketing Platform

Whether your drink is about energy, sophistication or relaxation it’s likely you want the image of having a fun product.  Nothing brings out a smile like a photo kiosk with your brand every step of the social media path.  Remind people how many great ways there are to enjoy your beverage or maybe give them a new twist on an established brand.  The beverage industry has some of the most creative options with our branded engagements which makes our beverage industry endorsement based marketing solution so effective!

Photo Marketing Capture Points that work well for Beer Distributors…

Our Social Flash KIOSK can be easily transported to your multi-location events, providing an instant, stand alone “photobooth” experience to draw in the guests.  The engagements spread like wildfire as they take photo on one side of the kiosk and share on the other.  It is very interactive and intuitive in nature.

The other option for photo capture is the Social Flash MOBILE.   It enables a ground force of operators to engage the guests throughout the event or location and capture unique content.  They allow guests to share their branded photos directly from the iPad as they go to complete the transaction.  Watch the metrics stack up in real time!

Beverage Industry Endorsement Based Marketing Kiosk Beer Distributor Social Marketing Solution


you can honestly walk away and let it run itself

Lindsey Bradley - Brown Distributing Marketing

“Since purchasing a Social Flash Media photo booth, we have truly taken our on-site marketing to a whole new level! Whether it is a festival, sporting event, convention or bar promotion, the photo booth is always a hit, and a success in promoting our many beer brands. The word has spread and it is now being requested through us from many of our partners!

The ability to customize each promotion with graphics, social media, and the interactivity elements is not only a huge added bonus, but it is extremely user friendly and easy to update. Once the machine is set up in a few quick steps, you can honestly walk away and let it run itself. It is also incredible to see photos being shared through social media, just as soon as they are taken. The Social Flash Media team is so helpful in answering any questions we may have, no matter the time of day, and they are constantly striving to keep their units updated with the latest technology.

For anyone looking to more effectively get their brands in front of their target consumers, I would highly recommend Social Flash Media.”.

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