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Creating Social Intimacy Where it Matters Most...

with Your Consumers!

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"We've given our brand a life outside of our four walls
by utilizing SFM's fun, innovative and EASY method
for guests at our moviehouses to do the work of
spreading the word about our brand for us."

Amy Dial - Moviehouse & Eatery Marketing Director

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Not all Engagements
are Created Equal

In a world where 3-5% click through rates are acceptable,
our systems achieve 100-200 times this rate.

Our proprietary hardware and custom software is the fabric for an incredibly robust, unmanned, experiential marketing platform.

Social Flash Media represents the emerging edge of experiential marketing and drastically increases the value of a social engagement. Our platform has redefined the benchmark of a social engagement.


Film & Cinema

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Creating social intimacy where it matters most... With Consumers...

Mobile Activations

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Travel & Tourism

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Case Studies

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